Safest end-to-end

To deliver the best, integrated UAV services for infrastructure, plant and track inspections at onshore and offshore Mining, Oil and Gas sites in Australia, we provide the best and safest end-to-end UAV service - full stop.

 Scope and Plan

At UAV West, best practice starts at the project scoping, planning and research phase. Together with our customer and our other partners (where needed), we meticulously scope and plan the operation well beforehand to ensure we are totally prepared to execute a flawless onshore or offshore site inspection on the day.

 Flawless execution

To ensure a flawless execution, it takes the best team using the best equipment needed for the inspection to be conducted safely. That’s why we exclusively use the easily transportable CyberQuad - VTOL UAV solution, which is designed and extensively tested for all types of infrastructure, plant and track inspections – both onshore and offshore.

 Experienced Pilots

Our two man teams – pilot and assistant – are specifically trained on the CyberQuad and all undertake UAV West’s best practice process and procedures training which ensure that all the necessary checks and cross checks are undertaken pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight to complete the inspection safely. All our pilots are CASA certified.

 OH&S Compliance

To ensure all of our projects and inspections are OH&S compliant we have developed our own OH&S Management System and are also able to be part of the team for any onshore or offshore infrastructure, plant and track inspections if required.

 Data Processing

Once the inspection is successfully completed the data is available to be used and accessed in a number of ways. We can process the data in a variety of ways to suit the client.